helping amphibians to survive

Starting a new Patrol

If you are aware of a place where toads are being killed on the road then we are happy to help you start a new patrol and get it registered with Froglife.   We have a forum where you can ask questions of other patrol managers. The process is as follows -

  1. Keep a record of numbers of toads/frogs/newts helped and lost.  You need records for several years in order to fully register the toad crossing.
  2. Set up a meeting in a public place such as the local pub or the village hall and invite people to come and learn about toads and how to save them.   We can provide a speaker and/or a presentation - about 45 mins including questions. Consider having an initial meeting in October and a follow up in January before the migration starts. Publicize the meeting in -
    1. Parish newsletters - copy often has to be submitted more than a month before publication
    2. Church and School newsletters
    3. Fetes and other local events
  3. You will need a rota system to ensure that someone is available to patrol on the nights when the toads actually move - see the Patrols page.   Most patrols need at least 15 people in order to operate the rota and not place to great a burden on individuals. 
  4. Someone has to be prepared to manage the rota and communications with the patrollers.  It helps if all the patrollers have email and web access! 
  5. A risk assessment should be conducted - Froglife have a sample risk assessment and can provide insurance to registered patrollers.
  6. Toadwatch will help you understand where your local toads are coming from and going to - each patrol is different and you need to know where to put the toads when they are both arriving and departing from the pond.   You may need to obtain consent from landowners.